Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oh where to start? So much has happened in the past few months. We did finally have to move. Landlord went a little batshit, harassing emails and irrational behavior was on his agenda this winter.

We are moving from our four bedroom rental home to a three bedroom apartment. Immediate action was required since medical costs have put a $10,000 dent in the savings that we are living off of, plus the small salary I get for my writing gig (Although I do love it!).

Living in an apartment will be an adjustment but worse things could have happened. But let's be honest, they still could happen. For today, for now, life is ok. Today, that is.

Right now we are staying in an extended stay hotel until our apartment is ready. It's interesting, two parents, two kids and two dogs living in a one bedroom suite. The kids have adjusted nicely, or as well as can be expected. It seems that this is an adventure to them. My son likes to go to the little "cupboard" they have here at the hotel where you can buy snacks, get free coffee and do your laundry. He walks down the hall every morning to get a cup of Joe, he doesn't even drink coffee. I think it makes him feel grown up, or he just likes free stuff.

I have noticed that the more challenging my life gets the more "friends" disappear from my life. This is an phenomenon that I have only experienced since living in Orange County. People love to regale you with their stories of their pain in the ass spouses, how they were dissed by other OC moms, how they didn't get the proper customer service at the spa or the Bloomingdale's make-up counter.

Ask them about politics or world issues and you might get that blank look coming back to you. "I don't have time to read or watch the news. But hey, isn't there a sale at South Coast Plaza this weekend?"

Don't tell them about your problems, that's off putting to them. Well, because its not about them. If you tell them, they will surely write you off. Only the struggles that directly affect them are worth their time. Just smile and listen, nod in agreement or share in their disdain for others, that's how you get by in the OC. That is if you give a shit.

I don't.

It's actually good to know who is worth your time once and for all.

Next week we move into our apartment. I can't wait to sleep in my own bed. I can't wait to eat a home cooked meal.

It seems (I hope) that Andrew's IV/IG treatment seem to be working. Just one more to go.

He picked up an infection in the hospital late January and was violently ill for about 6 weeks. It was quite a difficult time. An antibiotic induced infection, that's what they said. Of course, the only treatment was the antibiotic that made him sick in the first place.

Now three or so months later (and 28 lbs lighter) Andrew is still struggling with his recovery. There have been two blood transfusions on top of all of this. For some reason his body is not producing enough. Hematocrit is not what it should be and we are still waiting for answers on why that is. It makes the move that much more challenging as he is very weak.

My friend Claire brought her boyfriend over and they were lifesavers in terms of helping us pack and get out of the rental house in time. I don't know what we would have done without them. Before you start in on me about OC friends Claire is from the UK so OC mentality does not apply to her. Although, you can be from somewhere else and just assimilate, as most do.

Not sure what life has in store for us once we close this chapter but I am sure it won't be boring, it never is.

Some nights I pray for boring. It doesn't work, probably because I am an atheist, thank God!