Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm Stuffed!

November 8 came and went with no auction of the rental home we are living in. I have been informed that the auction date has been reset until December 9. This should all make for an interesting holiday season, yet again. Just as we do with most things, we will take this one day at a time and just wait and see what will happen. If there is anything that I have learned about life, it is that life does not follow a plan and that worrying seldom changes the outcome. Of course, worrying never changes the outcome but sometimes it is hard to control that as well.

It has been a very busy November. Winding down from one soccer team to ramping up for the next soccer team brings new experiences for all. I volunteered my assistance with the new team and, hopefully, I will meet some interesting people in the process.

I had a large cupcake order to fill this month. This particular order was delivered out over a number of days. I forgot how much work it is to bake all the different flavors of the season and add the appropriate toppings to them. To finally package and wrap each box up with the most gorgeous ribbon I was able to find, I must admit, is quite satisfying. You have to see the pictures of the packages that we did this year.

Even though I have a pretty large family we spent Thanksgiving with friends this year. My family is spread out all over L.A. and we are out here in Orange County so it is sometimes difficult to get all of us together in a place large enough to accommodate us all. We had a very nice Thanksgiving dinner with our friends and we played cards as we tried to digest the large meal that seemed to anchor us to our chairs. It was a pretty lively game of 31 and at one point someone's wine glass took a dive. The wine made its way across the tablecloth and was only halted by the wall that stood in its path on the way to the living room. We were thankful that the cleanup was quick and there was no permanent damage. I wonder if we will ever get invited back.

Friday brought a repeat of the Thanksgiving festivities, or should I say, a repeat of the menu. Andrew's parents came to visit and this time I made the turkey dinner with all the sides, and I even baked another apple pie. I won't lie, my turkey and stuffing were amazing. I tried a new recipe for pie crust so my apple pie was even better than before, and that says a lot, even though I do say so myself, I make a kick ass apple pie.

Today I am nursing a food hangover so I have been lounging all day. Recovering from baking, delivering, cooking, grocery shopping, eating and drinking. Of course, it all causes me to consider a return to the gym and workout routine I was once so dedicated to. I know I need to do it, I feel it in my bones, or to be honest, I feel it more in my gut.

In the meantime, the two Andrews are bringing in boxes of Christmas decorations and urging me to get to work. They have been busy little elves today, planning their attack of lights on house. Its a large project to be sure because I am married to the real life Griswold. Andrew always has the Christmas spirit like no other and it makes for some pretty amazing curb appeal at our house.

I think I will sit here in my sweats for a while longer while I stare at those big blue Rubbermaid containers marked "Xmas". Just thinking about that project is making me hungry. Hmm, maybe I'll get to it after I have a turkey, stuffing and cranberry sandwich...


  1. Wow, sounds like you're in the middle of a busy holiday season! I'd love to see some pictures of your cupcake creations. That could be something fun to check out!

    Katie for Ouidad


    check it out if you have a FB account

  3. Ok, the pictures are amazing!! Thanks so much for the link. Now I'm starving... ;-)

    Katie for Ouidad