Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What's going on...

Summer is over and somehow we made it through. To be honest, as each day passes I am not entirely sure how much more difficult things can get. But I get up everyday as if everything is fine and all I can do is push that perpetual scream back into the depths of my mind. No one is allowed to hear it but me. It's like a bee that's chasing you. But you have given up running away from it because you realize it's futile.

I am disheartened by how much the people in this country have come to despise one another. And the ridiculous irony of their death like grip on their religions and their flags. Because somehow it became patriotic to step on those who are less fortunate than you. That's America for you.

We are still living in this apartment and I hate it but I accept it. Andrew is still working at Target and although they have asked him to apply for a management position they are making him wait weeks until he gets an answer. Under the pressure of outrageous COBRA payments we were informed of an organization that might grant us some money to help make these payments. And in an unexpected turn of good luck we were granted some money. This of course was too good to be true. You need to actually have insurance to get the money and Anthem cancelled us on August 30. So, no money for us. And no insurance.

Gabi has walking pneumonia again as we find ourselves without insurance. I called our doctor's office to appeal to their sense of common decency. That phone call ended with me hanging up the phone on the condescending receptionist. Angry, but without another option, I called back and demanded that the receptionist take a message and ask the doctor to call me personally. She finally understood that there would be no getting rid of me and took the message.

The doctor actually called me. He has treated both me and the kids for pneumonia before. So he asked about her symptoms and then he called in a prescription. He is now my momentary hero.

The kids and I have resorted to selling our possessions to get our hands on some cash. I didn't tell them we didn't have enough money for rent but it was nice to see them learn how to be resourceful. They sold some of their stuff and used it for themselves and they seemed pretty proud of themselves.

I scrambled and sold an old coin collection and some jewelry I had been hanging on to for sentimental reasons. Sentimentality is a luxury when the refrigerator is empty. Thankfully it was enough to cover the portion of rent that we could just not scrape up.

I still write my freelance articles but the pay hardly justifies the work that goes into it. But it's still important for me to keep at it since it's great experience, and let's face it, it's the only money I have coming in right now. It also serves as a great outlet for me to talk about issues that are important to me even though it pisses a lot of people off. Though I'm not too bothered by what people think about me anymore.

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