Saturday, December 19, 2009

10 Days to Go...

Found the nicest house to rent on a hill with an amazing view and completely remodeled, it was advertised as vacant so we went to see it immediately. We pulled up and ti was better than I imagined...except for the people living in it that had already rented it 3 weeks a ago.

Well, onward we must go, continuing our search for a suitable living situation. I have no more energy left to panic about the time ticking away, it's too exhausting. We did apply for a really nice home that was my son's absolute favorite but the owner is concerned that our house might fall out of escrow. He also doesn't like the fact that we don't have jobs even though we receive $3600 a month in unemployment and will net enough off of our house to live for quite some time. We also offered to pay 6 months in advance. Apparently that was too scary for him?

Ok, I am over that one as well. If he can't see that we have the money, job or no job, I am not sure I want someone like that for a landlord anyway. This is going to be a big challenge, but to be frank, so was trying to sell our house in 2 weeks and it sold in 2 days.

I am not of the mindset that "everything happens for a reason", or "everything will work out for the best", because that's a crock. Things happen sometimes for no reason at all, you just have to rise to challenge and deal with it the best you can. That's life! Life is a crap shoot and you gotta have fun in between the bad times.

Some of us are fortunate to mostly good times and some of us live a challenged existence. It is what it is and when it is difficult, you learn not sweat the small stuff. I have noticed that some people that I come across who might be considered by most as "lucky" really let the small stuff drive them mad. I get a kick out of that.

Maybe what we can all learn from this is that none of us should sweat the small stuff and we would all have a lot more joy while we walk through this life.

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