Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Long time no see...

Looks like we are another statistic of this bad economy. Andrew and I are still out of work, phone never stops ringing with people wanting something we don't have. It got so bad that my kids even learned which calls to answer and which calls to ignore.

The mortgage holder, which is not a bank mind you, screwed up our loan mod paperwork so much that they scheduled a trustee sale....oh yeah, and slapped the notice on our front door the night before Thanksgiving! My 10 year old son found it and cried, "Mom, I think we are in trouble!"

Unfortunately, my little darling was right. It took another week of phone calls and last ditch efforts talking to $10 and hour, gum chewing prepubescents to realize there was no more time to waste. I would sooner die than let these "investors" take our house and all the equity with it.

The neighborhood real estate expert received a very tearful phone call from me that same day and we immediately scheduled an appointment to list the house. After I told her the facts of our situation, in between sobs, she reassured me that if we priced aggressively we could sell our house as this is a very desirable neighborhood. I already knew our neighborhood was desirable which was one of the reasons that it tears me up inside to leave it. Due to our situation, she reminded me that we only had 2 weeks in which to sell our house. Was this even possible? It's Christmas time after all!

She made no promises but felt confident about the price we set our listing. She was comforting, understanding, empathetic and the calming force in our emotional hurricane. We shook hands and parted ways on a cold Sunday evening.

The next day, the rain came and it was relentless, so apropos for my emotional state. But I refused to surrender so my only escape was to go to the gym and get a much needed workout. I spent the rest of the day fulfilling cupcake orders.

Then the calls started rolling in, "Can we show your house tomorrow"? "Oh no, this is really real, my mind started to race all over again. The appointments started to pile up. Thank God we had already decorated for Christmas because the house looked great at Christmastime.

Andrew and I spent the day walking the dogs over and over again as perspective buys looked into our most private living spaces. How could something feel so encouraging and so frightening all at the same time?

We received an offer that same afternoon and in escrow 2 days later! Um, I was just getting used to the idea that we might have to sell our house. Well, if you're going to do something difficult it's better just to get it over with, right?

Yesterday was the day for all the inspections and the idea made Andrew and I as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Ok, I know, that is a little cheesy but you get the idea. As some of you may or may not know, Andrew and I don't always have the best of luck in most aspects of our lives so we have a mind set of "expect the worst but hope for the best." Sometimes "Hope" is a bitter bitch!

We searched for rental property yesterday and there are a couple of good prospects but none of which is ideal. We have exactly 14 days to find a new place and get into it. No pressure!

I'll wrap this up for the day and keep you posted in case you would like to go on this journey with me...

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