Monday, December 28, 2009

We missed Christmas!

Andrew and I did not exchange gifts this year. Our gift to each other and the kids was to find a place to live, and we did. We signed the lease on Christmas Eve, swiftly made our way back home to open the champagne and let the festivities begin.

With time to relax and enjoy a nice meal, albeit, the roast beast grandma brought took 3 hours to roast, so dinner was late. Bleary-eyed from from the cocktails and no longer hungry, we all sat for dinner at 8:00. I have to say, even though I was no longer hungry, the food was delicious.

Grandma made the mashed potatoes ahead of time and they horrifyingly swam in butter, and they were to die for. The french beans were quickly blanched and then sauteed in a little fat from the roast and then promptly tossed with a little fresh Parmesan. Gabi never noticed any of these fabulous morsels because she ate the entire collection of crab legs.

Soon after the dishes were done, we all called it a night, and it was none too soon for me. My escape into slumber would have been effortless I'm sure but I decided to leave nothing to chance. I consulted the sandman from the little, brown pharmacy bottle to make assurances that not even Santa could ruin my respite from reality.

Christmas Day was fun but it made me realize that we came straight from Thanksgiving, right into Christmas morning. There was no shopping, no lists, no wrapping of gifts, no baking for fun, no secrets to keep, and no excursions with Andrew to make little dreams come true.

We spent the rest of the day at my brother's house and we were all together again. It was fun and silly, and for once, no tension between our siblings. I thoroughly enjoyed the shrill chaos that is my family. But it was time to go, back to our reality. On the quiet ride home, I was reminded again, that Christmas was over and we missed it. I felt a little sad yet still overwhelmed by the new chapter that we are about to open in our lives.

Gabi is getting excited about the move and I think Drew might be too. We worked all day yesterday, packing and purging and cleaning, yet it doesn't look like we've done very much. That's a little scary!

It's Monday now and we have much to do. I am not sure that Andrew realizes how much because he scheduled a fun parent/child soccer scrimmage at the park with our team and parents. He insists I come along but I can't help thinking that we have too much to do. Gabi insists that I go and I sure it will be fun, maybe I will give in and join the crowd, it might do me some good.

I hope you all had a great holiday, I did. I know that sounds a little hypocritical after my little rant but, I did have a good time and I do have so much to be grateful for....

Ta Ta for now and I'll keep you posted on the move.

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