Friday, December 18, 2009

11 Days to go and still Homeless.....

I can't deny that it is a good feeling to have someone buy your house the very first day of showings. It makes you feel as though they can see what you see and they can feel what a home this has been for our family, good times and bad.

I remember when we bought this place and we wanted to bring our contractor in to do measurements before escrow had closed. The previous owner opened the door, she refused to let us in and I could see the tears forming in her eyes. At the time it seemed so ridiculous to me, after all it's only a house, right? Wrong! I wish I could apologize for my naive, callous demeanor towards her. That woman and I are now part of the same club I guess. Although I am happy to let my buyer in to measure for new flooring because it gives me a sense of reassurance that he won't back out of the deal. Sure, it could be a false sense of security, but hey, I'll take it.

This is all new to me, this searching for a home to rent. I see potential everywhere, alas, the potential will not be mine, because the house will not be mine. So, whenever we see a problem I always say, "Well we're not buying it." It makes me feel a little sad, but knowing we will be debt free is the source of my sanity in all of this.

I have to say there are some really decent places to rent, we just have to get someone to accept us with all of these dogs, no small feat mind you. They are family and with us they must go. My beast of a puppy has the sweetest face and it brings happiness to all of us and there is no price that you can put on that.

With 11 days to go, the pressure mounts with every passing hour, but we stay diligent in our hope that someone will be understanding of our situation. To me that is the Christmas spirit...of course, a little champagne never hurts.

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