Wednesday, December 23, 2009

7 Days to go...

Ok, so yesterday was not a stellar day. We had been waiting for an answer from a potential landlord since last week. She even called to ask if we could up our offer just a little, so we did. I mean, after all what's $100 worth if the choice is a house in a fantastic neighborhood or no house at all? After 5 days of the agonizing wait, the owner of the home decided not to let any of the applicants live in her house! I guess that is why her house has been sitting vacant for the last 4 months.

So back to the drawing board, we scheduled 2 homes to view that same morning while waiting for crazy landlords to play lookiloo with potential renters. We saw 2 very viable options, more than we wanted to pay but time is not on our side and we can only deal with what is currently on the market this week. We applied for both and heard a response from one owner immediately when he heard we could pay up front.

This was definitely encouraging news since he even offered to let us start moving in right away. Then there was a knock at the door. It was an officer from animal control who said my dogs needed to be quarantined, even though they were all up to date on their shots, someone had claimed she had been bitten. I thought it interesting that the report stated that she was not sure who bit her but it had to be one of my dogs. Now this all stemmed from a fight at the dog park that her dog started. I find it ironic that I had to protect my dog from hers as he was relentlessly going after my dog who is timid and somewhat older. She did say after the fight that she was bitten and I asked her who bit her and she claimed she did not know. She later asked me if my dogs were up to date on their shots and I assured her they were. I do know this woman from the dog park so I was hurt and angry that she called animal control. If nothing else she could have told me that she did but all she did was smile at me a the dog park and never mentioned it at all.

My dogs cannot be walked for 10 days, they are required to stay home. I am angry and sad but there is nothing I can do.

Needless to say, the very enthusiastic landlord never called back that day. We are off to see another home this morning but it is getting more futile as each day passes. It's 2 days until Christmas and I have not purchased one gift for my children as any money we have has to go to a deposit on a house, if we ever get any takers...

It doesn't feel like Christmas to me, not because of the gifts or the money, but because I am not surrounded my people concerned for their fellow man, it's the exact opposite. Buyers of our home squeezing us, because they can, oh, and she's a pastor. Landlords squeezing us because they see we have no time left to bargain with. The mortgage company continues to call even though they have been informed that our house is in escrow, constantly reminding me that the auction date draws near. My one escape from it all for me and my dogs, where I go to relax and enjoy social time with friends, where I get to see my dogs let go and have fun to their hearts content, is now off limits to me as well.

Merry Christmas to all....

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