Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's Christmas Eve and we have 6 days to go

The in-laws are coming today and we are supposed to sign a lease for a house today. When the parents get here we will all run over to the house so everyone can see it and we can sign all the necessary paperwork.

We pull up to the new house again and Andrew realizes that our son's old baseball coach lives at the end of the street. It should be nice for Little Drew to see a friendly face. I decide that I like the house even more once I go through it again, even though it seems smaller than I had remembered.

It's a very nice house but we all chuckle a little to ourselves on how such a modest home has rather ornate and large chandeliers that take you aback for a moment. Maybe that is what made the house feel larger to me in the first place.

There are also 2 sizable wall mirrors in the formal and informal living areas. It makes it feel a bit daunting, I mean who wants see their full reflection in every room of the house. It could also be a source for good, I mean, if I have to look at this all day, I might be shamed into doing something about it.

So the other area of contention is the lovely mirror that covers the entire wall in the master bedroom where the headboard should go. The Realtor laughed, "At least it's not on the ceiling!" "Well, maybe that's where I prefer it," I replied calmly as his smile very quickly disappeared into silence. I saved us all from the awkward moment and laughed and I let him in on the joke. "After all," I told him, "no one needs to see that!"

The kids of course, began to do what they do best, fight. They fought over who gets what bedroom, who gets the television from the bonus room since this house has no such room. I began to daydream of all the 2 bedroom beach cottages I could have rented in Laguna for the same price that were completely unfit for families. I could hear the waves crashing every morning, the waves got louder and louder! My daydream came to an abrupt halt when I realized those crashing waves were, yet again, the children arguing incessantly. Those are the crashing waves of my life. I sure do love low tide.

Well, we've seen it all. Time to go back to the house and start the Christmas Eve festivities. Open the champagne immediately, put the rib roast in the oven and snack til it hurts. A bit of calm before the moving storm, a very welcome evening indeed.

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